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Discover Trellis Drainage Pattern

Trellis Drainage Pattern Discovered!

Trellis Drainage Pattern Technical Terms

Trellis Drainage Pattern: A drainage pattern characterized by parallel main streams intersected at, or nearly at, right angles by their tributaries, which in turn are fed by elongated secondary tributaries and short gullies parallel to the main streams, resembling, in plan view, the stems of a vine on a trellis. This pattern indicates marked bedrock structural control rather than a type of bedrock and usually indicates in which the main parallel channels follow the strike of the beds. It is commonly developed where the beveled edges of alternating hard and soft rocks outcrop in parallel belts, as in titled, interbedded sedimentary rocks in a rejuvenated folded-mountain region or in a maturely dissected belted coastal plain of tilted strata. SW, GG, WA

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