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Remember Nonsorted Circle

Nonsorted Circle Remembered!

Nonsorted Circle Technical Terms

Nonsorted Circle: A type of patterned ground whose mesh (shape) is dominantly circular and has a nonsorted appearance due to the absence of a boarder of coarse fragments. Vegetation characteristically outlines the pattern by forming a bordering ridge. Diameters commonly range from 0.5 to 3 m. Nonsorted circles include mud boils, earth hummocks, turf hummocks, and frost boils. Nonsorted circles have various origins. Some, such as mud and earth hummocks and frost boils, involve cryoturbation activity and differential heave of frost-susceptible materials. Others, such as mud boils, involve hydraulic pressures and diapir-like displacement of water-saturated sediments. Compare - sorted circle, frost boil, patterned ground. NRC and GG

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