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Discover Landslide

Landslide Discovered!

Landslide Technical Terms

Landslide: A general, encompassing term for most types of mass movement landforms and processes involving the downslope transport and outward deposition of soil and rock materials, caused by gravitational forces and which may or may not involve saturated materials. Names of landslide types generally reflect the dominant process and/or the resultant landform. The main operational categories of mass movement are fall (rockfall, debris fall, soil fall), topple (rock topple, debris topple, soil topple), slide (rotational landslide, block glide, debris slide, lateral spread), flow [rock fragment flow (especially rockfall avalanche), debris avalanche, debris flow (e.g., lahar), earthflow, (creep, mudflow)], and complex landslides. Compare – solifluction. SW & DV

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