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Expose Flatwoods

Flatwoods  Exposed!

Flatwoods Technical Terms

Flatwoods : Broad, low gradient (generally < 1 % slope but up to 2% near drainageways), low relief interstream areas and characterized by non-hydric, poorly drained soils (seasonal saturation or water table) at depths of 15 -45 cm (6 – 18”), and naturally forested by pines that dominate the Lower Coastal Plain of the southeastern US. Regional differences occur in dominant vegetation and soil material (e.g. in south Florida, soils are dominantly sandy Spodosols and the understory is dominantly saw palmetto). Hydropedologically and elevationally this landform occurs slightly above minor depressions (which have a seasonal water table at or above the surface), drainageways, and drainhead complexes, but lies below better drained and slightly higher small rises or knolls. Generally they are most extensive toward the interiors of low, broad interstream divides and away from drainageways. SW

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