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Discover Coastal Marl

Coastal Marl Discovered!

Coastal Marl Technical Terms

Coastal Marl: An earthy, unconsolidated deposit of gray to buff-colored mud of low bulk density (dry) composed primarily of very fine, almost pure calcium carbonate formed in subaqueous settings that span freshwater lacustrine conditions (e.g. Florida Everglades) to saline intertidal settings (e.g. Florida Keys) formed by the chemical action of algal mats and organic detritus (periphyton); other marl varieties associated with different environments (e.g. freshwater marl, glauconitic marl) also occur. Coastal marl can be quite pure or it can be finely disseminated throughout living root mats (e.g. mangrove roots) and / or organic soil layers. Compare – marl, freshwater marl. SW

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